Sunday, February 11, 2018

Who is Calum Scott?

Never heard of this guy before but upon browsing youtube, I stumbled upon one of his videos and I said to myself, "What an awesome voice, and oh man, this guy looks good!". His voice I would say, can be compared to Adam Levine, with much higher range. So I searched who this artist was and apparently he's one of the contestants on Britain's Got talent last 2015. I was able to saw how Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges loved him from the very start of his audition. He even got Simon's golden buzzer on the first time he heard him. See his audition on this video below.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Having a relationship with a Seaman

I started dating this man 8 months ago. He is a seaman. Knowing what kind of job he's into, this did not stop me from liking him. He was very kind and sweet. He was my best friend's cousin and they are giving a good word on this guy. We already saw each other before way back when I was in high school but had other interests and he did not pursue me since he thought I was snobbish. As we met again today, there was a spark! We dated for about a month and already felt at ease with each other. This is a good man, so I gave him a chance. 2 months ago he needed to get off and needed to be back at work. I know this would be tough. I was always worried at first especially when we are losing communication for few days but as his father said. It's really like that. You can't have 100% signal every time when you are in the middle of the sea.

I just kept myself busy and soon I was able to adjust. I'm just looking forward each day to be able to speak with him. I always make myself busy and I'm glad it works. It's sad to read some posts on facebook saying seaman's partners that was left are cheating. I can't imagine myself doing that. If you know that you love this person, there is no reason for you to look for someone else. All you need is to wait and be patient and learn to enjoy life on your own ways. Believe that you are meant to be and your relationship will definitely work.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Coping up with long distance relationship this holiday season

You could be reading this coz' you are in a long distance relationship. So was I. I met this guy few months back and we had a great relationship. Unfortunately he works as a seafarer. He was just on his vacation when we started dating and started our relationship. Last month he needed to go back to work as this is his way to earn for a living. It breaks my heart to see him go but I needed to be strong for him, for us. As we all know communication is the key but it would be a struggle for both of us due to the type of job that he had. Communication is difficult especially if you are nowhere in the middle of the sea. What we do is whenever there's a chance, we made sure to spend the time communicating if it's possible. It will be hard, i know it will be. He's just away for one month and will be back after 8 months, his contract is 9 months in total. Just think positive, bombard yourself with a lot of work to do not to miss him and you'll be fine. Do a count down as this helps. Sadness will come every now and then but you need to be strong. We need to.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Simple things are the best things. What I'm thinking as one of the presents for my boyfriend this Christmas is a simple body bag. He doesn't carry bags when he goes out, he usually gives me his stuffs to keep on my bag. I think it' time for him to have one to carry. These items below looks perfect for him. I'm sure that he would love this.

items available at Shopee

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jealousy - Is it Normal?

Jealousy in relationships is "normal" and "vital". Without it, relationship remains immature and shallow. "Healthy jealousy" is a concerned, protective feeling that surrounds both parties. It could support and guard a relationship from intruders who might "sabotage" or do harm on your relationship. Some might express it too much, could be jealous of little things, but such can be eased by understanding, assurance, affection and honesty - or just plain expression of love...

If a relationship has those little twinges of jealousy now and then, it just means you both really care, and hope you don't ever lose one another, it just depends on how you handle it.

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