Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Can I Dream?

We used to have dreams together, what could be our plans for the future? what's our dream house like? I'm so excited and hoping that time will go straightforward on future when we are living together at last. We used to plan on putting up a big garden, a pond, we both do want that. He's good in designs, one thing that makes me excited. I know our future house would be so nice if he's the one to organize it. I admire him for his talents, not everyone knows it. He can do so many things just like me. He's really my type of guy, a good person, kind heart, good in playing guitar, a talented person, wise and what can i say more??? I don't know now.... Now that we can't be together again, how could i dream like this? I don' feel like dreaming anymore. I just feel sad when i do. I decided to just go on with my life. and whatever happens.. it just happens. I used to dream when we are still together, but now that we broke up, how could i possibly dream?

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