Sunday, October 5, 2008

Love Tips - Long Distance Relationships

Being in a long distance relationship as we all know is very hard. Your being far away from your loved one really tests your love for each other. No matter how you love each other, being too far away will give your relationship a risk, and worst if you've been away for a very long time. It's been said that women in terms of relationships are more serious than man. Women, when indulged in a long distance relationship is more trustworthy or turns out to be more loyal than men. I'm not saying that all men are like that. (Don't frown man, meow!)

Anyways, even if you love each other so much, and both parties are loyal and trustworthy, you cannot really tell how long can you love each other at that specific situation. Let us say 4-5 years has passed, is your love still stronger than ever if you are still away from each other by this time? It is better that you accept the fact that your relationship is not that healthy than before, that anytime you could have problems and may end up in break up. *Sad.. Love tips from emjeiSolo.

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boquet said...

nobody can tell how long the relationship of your LDR taking a year without seeing each other is very hard much more if it takes already 2 to 3 years w/o seeing each other i think it change a lot same routine can kill boredom, i think seeing each other is a big factor to this LDR.

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