Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love Tips: An Advice from a Friend of mine

I've been through a four year relationship and had a harsh break up. It's been more than a year and I just thought I had moved on. Every time a guy shows some feeling for me, I myself avoids them and say that I could just offer friendship to them. i just realize that I'm being unfair on them and to myself also. I didn't give a chance to show what they are and me, i don't give myself a chance to try again and move on totally.

Then this guy came, which I don't like at first but sooner, there is something on him that I like and we get along too easily. We became good friends. Sooner and later, i realized that I'm starting to like this guy, I know he definitely likes me too. He always says that and he really shows his feelings towards me. A bit later he started saying that he loves me already, and wants us to be in a relationship. We definitely had a mutual understanding at that moment but of course, I still didn't say YES to him. So we're not on a relationship at the moment.

Sometime when we are together, he hugged me and told me he loves me so many times. My chest feels heavy, really wants to burst out. Coz' I wanted to say I love you too. But in my head i'm just so afraid to enter in a relationship again. I end up crying to him. And never expressed my true feelings for him.

I told a friend who knows about us what just had happened. She told me not to be afraid loving again. There are so many guys, different guys and you cannot control the fact of them liking you. She told me not to be afraid to love again and to be hurt again, because to be hurt is a great part of loving someone.

We love, and sometimes, we became hurt.. expect those things... Rather that to never be loved and not to love at all...


Basha The Czar said...

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Online Dating said...

Congrats for having found a new love.

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