Monday, September 14, 2009

Healthier Smoking for You

Smoking cigarette is really bad for you health since it may cause a lot of things to you especially on your very own health, and also, on others health also because of that second hand smoking. You can have your teeth stained yellow and you’ll have bad breath. And you can also have lung cancer just because of smoking so why wait if you can stop it right now. Have you heard about this electronic cigarette? This thing is made for those people who want to quit smoking. If your one of them I advise you to use this thing. This electronic cigarette has no tobacco and carcinogens that might cause cancer and addiction. Ask medical assistant and they also advice you to stop smoking and use this instead. can help you with your problem. Visit the site for more info. Why wait to use several packs more if you could to stick to much fewer and much healthier?


Anonymous said...

I got my own e-cig a few months ago, and it really as a cool little device. I am very skeptical of the smoke juice found in most e-cigs after the recent FDA findings. They said that the "Chinese Poison" contains the same crud found in Since then, I use only American Made E-Cigarette Juice as the QC is better here in the USA. I have been very happy thus far with Halo brand smoke juice, but there are a couple of others out there too including Johnson Creek.

Johnny Blaze

keylogger said...

it’s good to have for a blogspot blogs too

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