Friday, December 28, 2007

After that Christmas Party....

After a Christmas Party that was held on our street, on 26th of December, few people celebrated a lot by drinking with "pulutans" ( they used foods that was left during the party ), and me, I joined few friends that i haven't seen for a long time, they're some of my neighbors but being a nursing student... duh!!.. you can't even have time to say hello to your friendly neighbors and chat to them. So we finally get together and you know... have some drinks, talk about crushes, guys, love life(which i don't want to talk about), and school stufs.. It took us till midnight.. nearly morning i guess to finish our get together...

When I was about to go home, a man came.. I know this person, my ex-neighbor whom i didn't know that much, I know he's a bit drunk on the way he speaks... he's always saying words on me like, he would want me to be his subject on a photo shoot, that was after he took a photo of my group, and always mentioning my name like we were close, but we were not!... I just know that he was trying to get close..
I was about to leave, I said byebye to all, then he came on me and said Bye and Merry Christmas!.. then.. he kissed me on my cheeks with his wet lips...yuck!!! I didn't know what to do, I realized that i just turned around and walk my wa
y home.. i was thinking on what if i slapped his face??? I don't know but I know i can't do that because Im not not that kind of person. I always control my temper and anyways it's christmas...but I just can't forget that happening... To others maybe it's nothing but to me.. I'm not used to that, no guy ever kissed me on cheeks with his lips except ofcourse my exboyfriends.. not until that guy came, hate the fact that his lips tuched my cheeks.. beso beso would be nice but only to my friends not to any stranger... I don't want to see him again.. Hmp!!!!

are you Drunk??? -

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