Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Done Studying!

After four years of suffering, this is the moment that I've been waiting for.. to graduate and be able to finish my degree as a nursing student. I felt good and so much thankful. There are so many things though that made me happy these past few years, i gained true friends and have good experiences that i may treasure for the rest of my life. being a nursing student is tough but I overcome all of those trials by God's help and hard work. If you fail, you just have to stand up and face the world like nothings happened. In these years I gave my heart to someone but this love failed. This is one of the most difficult part of my life but I should be a bit thankful because i learned some lessons. That if you love, don't give a hundred percent of it, maybe have some for yourself and a bit more so that when you've become hurt, it's not that difficult for you to accept it. Few months more and it will be a year since i had this break up. Here am I, still trying to be strong and making myself believe like it didn't happen. But still... I just feel that I'm not over it yet.

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