Sunday, March 30, 2008


My mom came back home from Saudi Arabia specifically in Jeddah at around 5 pm and i wasn't able to come with my brothers to fetch her because I'm still at school for our boards review. Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates!!! haha... It's the very thing that a person always bring home from abroad when they come back home. Well anyways, I'm happy that my mom was home again. One very reason for her coming back is the graduation of her 2 children. Me and my younger brother. My brother is about to finish his highschool and funny that he is still undecided on what course to take for college. i hope he would finalize his mind already coz the time is too short and after few months it's already classes again. his graduation is on april 2 and mine is on april 11. I'm on the process of finishing up my nursing course. Wow, at last!!! I'm so happy that school is over and another chapter of my life would start up. I'm already preparing for my local board exam. If i pass this exam, i think that is the only time that i would say to my self that this is over!!! OVER!!! haha.. because after passing the board you can able to get now your license and work as a registered nurse. So there... Congrats to all graduates anyways.

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kengkay said...

hi solo!! daming chocos ba, hahaha... ang dala namin pag uwi sa pinas e gummi bears :D ang congrats ha, am sure your mom is so proud of you

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