Wednesday, July 30, 2008 First Time for me to buy a Domain

I just bought a domain name for my, which has changed to I just tried if i can have my own domain, do some research, had some difficulty like... my site did not show up 24 hours after I custom my domain in blogger. After some research, the tip I got was so good that after few minutes my old site showed up in its new domain. Very nice. Now my only problem is to index this site in google. I must work on it, since this blog is registered on a specific service for doing some paid post. So I must do something to be indexed in google immediately, thus if I do nothing, it could take months (as I browse the net, many site owners experiences this). So good luck to me and I'll update you guys on whatever happenings that could come.


A Simple Life said...

congrats on your domain ;) your link has been updated. thanks for letting me know.


treen said...

thanks for your info.

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