Friday, August 1, 2008

Indexed in Google at Last!!!

As you see on my last post on this blog, i just bought a new domain and is waiting for google to index it.. I was worried because after doing some research, I realized that people had difficulty making their newly customized domain be indexed in google, made me woried more after knowing some that has same problem with me and took them months for their site to be indexed! oh no, it can't be.. i must do something! that is what i said to my self.. So I did some research. Be brave! Do some research and take your time to read and understand things. I don't know anything about SEO stuffs but If you just try and try, you could probably learn some basics. What did I researched on...? keywords like, index in google fast, index in google after changing domain, new domain to be indexed in google, indexed in google+new domain... Just be creative and you will surely get answers, to compute the time for my site to be indexed in google, it's about a day I guess.. See??? People say few days but if you do something!, you could possibly index your new domain in google within 24 hours or a day! :)

How could you know if google has indexed your new site??? Just type in google search:
my site as an example ----
Happy blogging Everyone! :)


Your Online Guide said...

Hi, congratulations on your domain name and getting indexed fast. By the way, I have updated your link in my blog roll. See you around.


Liza said...

congrats emjei! i've updated the link.


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