Friday, November 14, 2008

Money and Courting

You like a girl, yes of course.. then you court her... She seems to be interested, so she said "yes" when you asked her out for a date. We can never change the fact that we uses money just to please the person that we like. Of course this doesn't include rich guys, I'm talking about normal persons. Those who work hard for a living, those who save money just to have something to eat, something to pay on bills. We are actually using money in these forms: dating, buying her a drink, buying new outfits just to look good, when you accidentally been together while in a commute on your way home or on way to work of course you'll treat her fair in a bus for example, buying flowers, buying gifts and etc.Until you realized that you are already short of money. You may end up having a cash advance which is a good idea if you really need money. But cash advance are for emergency purposes like health emergencies, paying bills, etc. So if you are saving but you really want a girl, just be yourself, have good conversations, just be friendly and create some humor, show that your a decent person and have the characteristics that every girl wants. She will surely be close and be attracted to you.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good reason to take out a Cash Advance to me. Just borrow and drink responsivly.

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