Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Confession to A Friend

Last night, i made a confession to a friend, this dilemma was somehow related to her. It was about his uncle, who has a family, a seaman.. that was hitting on me!! yes he's hitting on me... forgetting that he had a wife and children. and forgetting that i am just a kid, i mean im too young for him.

My friend's family are really close to me, i treat them all as one of my family too, i'm always at their house, making it as my second home so everyone that is in that house are my friends and i consider them as my family.

This uncle of my friend lived there for a while before going abroad to work as a seaman, and ofcourse as I said I'm always at their place so, I do had some talks with this uncle and treat him as a friend, nothing more.. just ordinary days when i was there.. nothing really bothersome. But when he went abroad, he begun texting me with his roaming number, he says that he's lonely and stuff, can't text his family cause there's no network in his family's place, which is true according to my friend because it's in the province.

At first he called me and says that he has someone that wants to kn
ow me, for me its ok because before he went abroad everyone was joking him and stuff saying that he must bring a foreigner home. After sometime, i just realized that he's the one speaking to me in the phone most of the time rather that the other person that wants to speak with me, we mostly had conversations, and he always texts me..for me it's really nothing, just you know being kind cause i treat him as a friend.

.. Then after sometime, in his text he started to say i miss u already and my day is not complete without calling or texting you, i felt weird for this so i started to lessen my texts cause i know something is going on.. i didn't tell it to my friend cause i'm afraid to what will happen... he never stopped, he still calls even if i dont answer it anymore, I really can't take it so one time i tell him straight to the point to stop because this doesn't' look good anymore, it's not good to look at and say other things that make him feel guilty. He said sorry and promised to end it.. i kept this happening for sometime until i had much strength to confess it to my friend.

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Anonymous said...

you know what, you did right telling him off. ano ba yang mga mamang yan, hmp. pamilyadong tao e.. pero sana sa inyong magkaibigan na lang ang kwento kasi kawawa naman yung pamilya, esp since kung sinabihan mo na. sana tumigil na nga sya. at salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko pala.

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