Sunday, August 3, 2008

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship - 2

Don't fight over small problems: Because you can't talk as often as you like, everything becomes magnified. Therefore, make a decision that you won't fight over small problems like throwing a tantrum because your partner promised to call at a certain time, and he or she couldn't. You would have been waiting for that call, but something could have cropped up at their end. All couples fight on this issue. But when you are in an long distance relationship, save the fighting for the really important issues.

Accept uncertainty: When you do see each other again, things might initially tense and awkward. You may wonder, "Do I still love him?" or "Is this relationship still worthwhile?" Those thoughts are normal. They'll pass. And if they don't, you should consider breaking-up.

If there are problems, tell them: If you see the relationship breaking apart, don't keep it from the other person. Tell them. Don't leave that kind of message on an answering machine or throw it in an e-mail. Get the other person on the phone. They deserve it.

Plan a surprise trip: At times, phone and e-mail won't cut it. The best thing to do is see your loved one in person. Just go, and everything will be all right. And even if it isn't, you won't be accused of taking the easy way out.

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