Friday, June 20, 2008

I Signed Up at PPP !

I signed up at PayPerPost and finally my blog was approved by their admin. Thank God i thought it will never be approved by them but then here I am writing my very first post here in PPP and I hope it will be approved too. Anyways, I've been blogging for some time now and most blogs as what I've notices are all signed up to PPP, so why not sign up this blog too and just try my luck. It was really nice if you learned how to monetize your blog, your blogging not just merely for fun or just a form of a hobby as to most people but also you are earning while enjoying at the same time. It is really nice that this services are here to make bloggers more efficient and really treasure their blogging hobby, like me! Well I've just graduated from nursing and I've taken the needed Nursing Licensure Examination or Board Exams to be able to have my license and start working as a nurse, but the results will be out after three months, too long isn't it? So it would really helpful that I would earn a bit while I'm on my home waiting for the results of my examination. Hope I could pass this exam!

One good thing with PPP is that they follow this
word of mouth ethics which for me is a nice thing since we are writing for advertisers. This is done through the Disclosure Policy or Disclosure Badges that PPP is encouraging bloggers to put on their respective blogs or post. This policy is said to protect both the blogger and advertiser's company from giving readers or anyone the impression of a conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety, so to disclose is really needed. PPP really has a good service and helps and protects us bloggers. And so, I truly hope that I will have more opportunities here in PPP.

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