Sunday, June 15, 2008

It Started with a Kiss 2

Finally, I've been waiting for this show after knowing that there would a part 2 of this series, I found this story cute, funny and entertaining. It's a Taiwanese Drama Series "It Started With A Kiss". I've tried so hard just to find it and be able to watch it online, luckily it's out already in the net and i was able to start watching it. I was in episode 10 now and overall there are 20 episodes. So far so good, I can't compare that 2 since they have a different story. In part 1, a not so intellectual girl(many call her stupid) is just hunting for the boy genius but sooner, after the much effort that the girl has given, they boy fell for her and they end up marrying each other after. In part 2, this is now their married life, the story started on their honeymoon and I'm still in the process. Troubles do come, hardships in a relationship is somehow expected but this is where you should test their love for each other. Do their relationship last forever? It's for me to find out... I must finish it now! :)

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