Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Idol : David Cook

I've been so happy that DC made it on being the season 7 American Idol against Archuleta. It's been a tough night. David Cook has been very good on all of his performances, made his very best out of his performances and made each song unique. That night, the very last performance of the remaining two idols, it was said that Archuleta knocked Cook down, this was said by Simon. For me, it's just that Archuleta had better songs that Cook but to think of the overall performances from the very start of the competition, it was really Cook who stand out and you will really think that he will be the winner of the competition. True enough, he won by a huge percent against Archuleta, this indicates that Cook's fan was built up from the very start and is very willing to support Cook up to the end no matter what happens. Thanks to David Cook's fans for voting much for him and to Simon, whom made the fans worried and made them vote more, being afraid that Cook might not win. Good Job!

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