Friday, June 6, 2008

Newly Built House of A Friend Part 2

The story doesn't end there... me and my 2 friends went into the room and get some pictures and play, the background was nice, all white - whew! Pose here and there, we had fun and laugh all throughout that day.. and because of our childishness.... here's what happened: We are bare footed while we are doing our thing. Look at some of the pictures. We made our foot touch the wall that is painted All White!!! We are bare footed so we catch up the dirt in the floor of course. You might guess now what happened through this picture...

We had a tough time getting the dirt out of the wall... There were black spots on this very white newly painted wall because of our fault. There was a time where we first tried to get it off and the black spot even spread out! Very funny moment! Especially when we are getting nervous that the mom will go in the room and check us out. After some time we are able to lighten the spots. I don't know but i think it's not fully cleaned, there are still minimal marks but that was nt obvious anymore.. Haha.. what an experience!!!

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